Safe & Non-Toxic 1 Pound Bag of Gravel, Rocks & Stones Decor for Freshwater & Saltwater Aquarium w/ Natural Smooth River Inspired Polished Earthy Style [Gray, Green & Tan]

Product Description
SIZE OF SUBSTRATE: Substrates vary widely in terms of size – everything from sands consisting of very tiny particles to larger river rocks. Large particle substrates allow more uneaten food and waste to penetrate into it leading to toxic build ups if not cleaned. Small particle substrates can compact which may lead to areas that lack oxygen. These areas can eventually release hydrogen sulfide – a substance that is extremely toxic to fish. The size of the particles also has a big impact on the health of the fish and the ease of cleaning. For instance, some fish like to scoop the substrate in their mouth and move it around. It is not a good idea to mix these species with sand because the small particles can irritate them. Sand can also be somewhat difficult to clean as the small particles often get vacuumed out of the tank along with the waste. On the other hand, some fish enjoy making nests or homes out of the substrate and in these instances, large particle sizes would not be conducive to this habit. As you can see, it is important to research the specific needs of your fish when considering the appropriate particle size.

Price: $13.49

  • SAFE & HIGH QUALITY: This aquarium, terrarium and fish tank substrate is safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly. This product is made of only the best quality materials available to the manufacturer. This product comes with a lifetime warranty guaranteed by the manufacturer that guarantees quality upon receipt.
  • CHOOSING YOUR SUBSTRATE: Some species of fish require certain water parameters. If you have unique fish that has special needs you should research those needs before making your purchase to see if this product will work for your pet fish.
  • CHOOSING A COLOR: The color of the substrate you choose, although a personal choice, can drastically impact how your tank and fish appear. Research how dark, light and bright colors will impact the look of your pet fish, tank or terrarium before you make your purchase to make sure this is the color you want.
  • HOW MUCH DO YOU NEED: When you’re adding your substrate (e.g. gravel, rock, marble, etc), you want to get a layer 2 inches deep for tanks under 55 gallons, and 4 inches deep for larger tanks. A good guideline is to use 1.5 to 2 pounds per gallon of aquarium water for smaller tanks, and twice that for tanks over 55 gallons. Taller tanks need less substrate, and wider tanks might need more. This guideline is typically applied to most substrates, including gravel, rock, marbles, etc.
  • WASHING SUBSTRATES: Please thoroughly prewash any and ALL substrates in clean fresh water BEFORE use.

Aquatic Life LED Aquarium Light Fixture, 48-Inch

Product Description
The revolutionary, feature-rich EDGE LED Fixtures from Aquatic Life are a game changer in the realm of outdated, overcomplicated LED lighting systems presently available. These sleek, low-profile fixtures measure only 0.5 inches high and 4 inches wide, and were designed to enhance life inside the aquatic environment, while being almost invisible over your tank. The ultra-slim design coupled with state of the art LED technology ensures maximum light output is focused inside the aquarium, while five colors of 120-degree dispersion, 0.5W Watt LED’s ensure a full-spectrum of light needed by all the tank’s inhabitants. Available in three sizes to fit most aquariums: 24″, 36″ and 48″. The Aquatic Life EDGE LED Fixtures also introduce advanced features to both the novice and expert aquarist. The new Sunrise + Sunset Functions enable the LED’s to be easily programmed to slowly turn on or off in 10 minute increments over a two-hour period of time, thereby creating a variety of different Sunrise and Sunset effects. The Aquatic Life EDGE LED Fixtures feature a new, simple-to-use 3-Channel Timer that allows completely independent control of the Bright White, Mixed Color and Moonlight LED’s, creating lighting that replicates underwater daytime sunlight, and sunrise/sunset effects, and the shimmering blue glow of Moonlight. All three sizes were designed to provide the absolute maximum light output possible, while avoiding any heating of the aquatic environment. The adjustable width aquarium frame mounts with extendable arms safely support and position the fixture above any tank size.

Price: $179.99

  • 48 Inch model fits Aquarium Frames between 47.0 Inches and 50.25 Inches Wide
  • LED Specifications: (27) 6K White, (27) 9K White, (33) 10K White, (7) Blue, (14) Red, (6) Blue Lunar LED’s
  • Now with built-in battery backup for all Timer functions! Power: 12V, 3A, 36W
  • What’s in the Box – LED Fixture (Qty. 1), Low Voltage Transformer (Qty. 1)
  • Limited One Year Warranty PLUS Our Limited Lifetime Repair Policy; See Aquatic Life website for details

Gritu Women’s Red Retro Bikini High Waist Swimsuit Vintage Bathing Suits Red XXL

Product Description
Red retro bikini swimsuit vintage bathing suits high waist bikini swimsuits for women bikini
Condition: 100% brand new and super high quality, the newest style and will lead the fashion !
Fabric: made of high quality Polyester and Spandex, dressed very comfortably no matter what this is for,swimming and surfing in the summer or hot spring baths in the winter.
BWH measurements for all sizes:
Chest:33-34 Waist:25-26 Hip:35.5-36.5, US SIZE 2-4
Chest:34-35 Waist:26-27 Hip:36.5-37.5, US SIZE 4-6
Chest:35-36 Waist:27-28 Hip:37.5-38.5, US SIZE 6-8
Chest:36-37 Waist:28-29 Hip:38.5-39.5, US SIZE 8-10
Chest:37-38.5 Waist:29-30.5 Hip:39.5-41, US SIZE 10-12
Chest:38.5-40 Waist:30.5-32 Hip:41-42.5, US SIZE 12-14
Chest:40-41.5 Waist:32-33.5 Hip:42.5-44, US SIZE14-16
Note: Above measurements are just for reference only,1%-2% error are allowed.
Picture:In-kind shooting, the colorful bikini swimsuit can makes your holiday very lovely and makes your life more colorful.
Application: it can be used as a bikini, swimwear, swimsuit, beachwear or bathing suit for your holiday in summer, travel, Xmas, New year, birthday and other festival. Best gift for your sweetheart, friend and yourself
Note:The color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different on your computer monitor since monitors are not calibrated same.

Price: $25.00

  • Fabric: 80% Polyester & 20% spandex red retro swimsuit vintage bathing suits for women bikini;
  • Design Pattern: The vintage red polka two piece swimsuit high waist bikini swimsuit for women, noble and elegant;
  • Highlights: The combination of fashion and restoring ancient ways, classic and romance deduction,covers the belly and demonstrate your elegant charm, make you feel sincerity and the extraordinary creativity;
  • Package Content: 1 x Bikini set(top & bottom).
  • Size:two piece bathing suit,M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL/XXXXL

Unique & Custom One Single Huge “Round” Clear Marble Made of Glass for Filling Vases, Games & Decor w/ Artistic Intricate Swirled Modern Fun Versatile Design [Assorted Colors]

Product Description
FILLING UP A CONTAINER WITH MARBLES: The average marble is about 5/8 of an inch. This means that it will take roughly 190 marbles to fill a one liter (quarter gallon) container. If a marble is made of glass there are typically 80 to 90 marbles in a pound. This means it will take slightly over 2 pounds of glass marbles to fill a 1 liter (quarter gallon) container. If a marble is larger or smaller than 5/8″ of an inch, or made of a material other than glass, the number of marbles needed to fill a 1 liter (quarter gallon) container will vary. Please note these are estimates.

Price: $11.39

  • WARRANTY: The marbles are protected by a Lifetime Warranty that is guaranteed by the manufacturer.
  • QUALITY: These marbles made of only the BEST materials available to the manufacturer!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: These marbles are made of 100% recyclable, non-toxic and earth-friendly materials.
  • USES FOR MARBLES: Marbles have a huge number of uses including games, crafts, vase, jar and decorative cup fillers, and much much more!

3 X 200 Watts(tank Size: 40 to 66 gallon) Adjustable Aquarium Heater Anti-explosion Submersible Fish Tank Water/ Temperature Range 18~33’c (65°f and 93°f.)

Product Description
Recommended tank size: 40 to 66 gallon, Power: 200 W. Voltage: 110-120V 60Hz, DIMENSIONS: Length: 12.5 inch Diameter: 0.85 inch Length of power cord: 2.9 feet,

Price: $14.41

  • Fully submersible heaters work in any position (horizontal or vertical) to provide optimum aquarium water temperature. Easy to attach on aquarium tank wall with 2 suction cups
  • Temperature range: 18~33’C (65~93’F), Automatic shut off when the temperature is reached
  • Plastic cover protector (removable)
  • Safe and reliable in both fresh and salt water aquariums!
  • Material: Plastic+Shatterproof glass, Package: 3 pieces of 200W heaters

Neutral Sky Blue Glow In The Dark Pigment Powder – 60g (2 Ounces) – 10+ Colors Available

Product Description
Glow In The Dark Pigment Powder by Art ‘N Glow

Artists and creators from all over the world use our glow paints and powders for their projects. Usable in any transparent medium, our customers have created resin castings, glow in the dark canvas paintings, star murals, glowing glass figurines, glow in the dark clothing, and more!

What will you create? Click “ADD TO CART” today and be sure to share your creation with us. Our 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE means you can buy with confidence.

• Glow Time: Up to 10 hours
• Size: 15-50 um (micron) depending on color
• Material: Strontium Aluminate, fluorescent pigment (fluorescent colors only)
• Longevity: Can be recharged millions of times
• Uses: Resin/rubber/plastic casting, glow paint pigment, molten glass, fishing lures, glow furniture, luminescent clothing, costumes and props, murals, star ceilings, emergency and industrial applications, nail polish, wax, glue, glaze, etc.
• Quantity: 2 ounces (60 grams)
• Safety: Non-toxic and non-radioactive. Made from naturally occurring rare earth aluminates. Do not ingest or inhale.
• Best charged in the sun or with an ultraviolet/black light. A FREE ultraviolet keychain light is included with each bag of powder. i.e. one light per 2 ounces.
• What’s included: Glow powder in a reclosable plastic bag, charging light, application cheat sheet and links to additional tips and resources

Price: $17.95

  • Sky Blue glow powder pigment from Art ‘N Glow, the premier glow in the dark supplier for fine arts, crafts, and DIY projects.
  • Each order includes 2 ounces (60 grams) of coated strontium aluminate glow powder which is the brightest, longest lasting glow in the dark technology available anywhere. Our glow pigment is packaged in a re closeable zip lock bag for your convenience and EACH 2 oz bag includes a FREE UV LED keychain charging light that will have you glowing in seconds.
  • The maximum particle size of our phosphorescent crystals is between 30 and 50 microns depending on the color. This is the ideal size for general craft projects including resin/epoxy, painting, murals, glass blowing, wax, jewelry making, etc. Since all of our powders are waterproof, they can be used in water based mediums like acrylic paints without any issues.
  • We are proud to offer a large selection of the highest quality glow materials available and each one is packaged by hand in the USA. As a locally owned small business, we stand by our products and are happy to answer any application questions you may have. Additionally, our products are made from naturally occurring elements and are non-toxic and non-radioactive. Safe for the environment and you!
  • Order today to start experiencing the magic of glow! Shop with confidence knowing that our 30 day, 100% money back guarantee is there for you if our product does not meet your needs.

Seachem Flourish Excel 250ml

Product Description
Flourish Excel™ is a source of bioavailable organic carbon. All plants require a source of carbon. This is typically obtained from CO2, but, may also be derived from simple organic compounds (such as photosynthetic intermediates). The use of either CO2 injection or Flourish Excel™ does not necessarily negate the use of the other. Because the processes of producing photosynthetic intermediates and building onto them occur simultaneously, one can derive a substantial benefit with the use of Flourish Excel™ either alone or in conjunction with CO2 . The combination is particularly ideal for situations when continuing to add CO2 could result in dangerously low pH levels. Flourish Excel™ also has iron reducing properties which promote the ferrous state of iron (Fe+2), which is more easily utilized by plants than ferric iron (Fe+3). The reason plants need CO2 is to produce longer chain carbon compounds also known as photosynthetic intermediates. Photosynthetic intermediates includes compounds such as ribulose 1,5-bisphosphate, and 2-carboxy-3-keto-D-arabinitol 1,5 bisphosphate. Although the names are complicated, the structures are quite simple (5 carbon chains). Flourish Excel™ does not contain these specific compounds per se, but one that is quite similar. By dosing with Flourish Excel™ you bypass the involvement of CO2 and introduce the already finished, structurally similar compounds. It is in its structural similarity that Flourish Excel™ is able to be utilized in the carbon chain building process of photosynthesis. Simple chemical or enzymatic steps can easily convert it to any one to any one of the above named compounds (or a variety of others).

Price: $6.09

  • Organic carbon for aquarium plants
  • Promotes ferrous oxide
  • Can be used with CO2

Tetra 77140 EasyBalance PLUS, 16.90-Ounce, 500-ml

Product Description
Easy balance plus.

Long-Term Maintenance Solution:

EasyBalance PLUS works to maintain healthy levels of essential aquarium water chemistry necessary to keep your fish happy and healthy. This easy-to-use formula regulates pH and alkalinity and reduces nitrates and phosphates. At the same time, EasyBalance PLUS replenishes essential vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes for maximum aquarium health.

How it Works:

EasyBalance PLUS contains an additive that maintains the appropriate level of carbonate hardness and stabilizes the pH…preventing a drop to harmful levels and pH shock to your fish. EasyBalance PLUS also contains Nitraban® granules, a biologically decomposable polymer that serves as a nutrient for denitrifying bacteria for converting nitrate into nitrogen gas. Essential vitamins and minerals that quickly get depleted as water ages are then replenished, including iron that is needed by plants and vitamin B that adds fish health and spawning.

Eliminate the Guesswork:

EasyBalance PLUS eliminates the guesswork for keeping your aquarium balanced between regular water changes. Simply add weekly to maintain ideal water conditions…it’s as easy as that!

Tetra Sets the Bar high in Water Care and Maintenance Treatments

Tetra sets the bar high in water care treatment and maintenance with a four-step, color-coded system. From aquarium start-up and routine maintenance, to trouble shooting solutions and testing, Tetra offers everything you need to keep your aquarium water healthy. Take a look at the chart below to see the full line of Tetra water care treatments.

New Aquarium? Tetra SafeStart allows you to safely add fish to your tank immediately.
Use AquaSafe whenever adding water to neutralize chlorine and heavy metals.

Use EasyBalance weekly to keep your water chemistry balanced.

High ammonia? Use AmmoniaSafe liquid or tablets.

Cloudy water? Clear it up with WaterClarifier liquid or tablets.

Algae issues? Keep in check with AlgaeControl liquid or No More Algae tablets.

Tetra EasyStrips make regular water testing a breeze.

Price: $6.49

  • Alkalinity and pH stabilizers prevent sudden, dramatic swings in pH that can be harmful to fish