Safe & Non-Toxic 1 Pound Bag of Gravel, Rocks & Stones Decor for Freshwater & Saltwater Aquarium w/ Natural Smooth River Inspired Polished Earthy Style [Assorted Colors]

Product Description
SIZE OF SUBSTRATE: Substrates vary widely in terms of size – everything from sands consisting of very tiny particles to larger river rocks. Large particle substrates allow more uneaten food and waste to penetrate into it leading to toxic build ups if not cleaned. Small particle substrates can compact which may lead to areas that lack oxygen. These areas can eventually release hydrogen sulfide – a substance that is extremely toxic to fish. The size of the particles also has a big impact on the health of the fish and the ease of cleaning. For instance, some fish like to scoop the substrate in their mouth and move it around. It is not a good idea to mix these species with sand because the small particles can irritate them. Sand can also be somewhat difficult to clean as the small particles often get vacuumed out of the tank along with the waste. On the other hand, some fish enjoy making nests or homes out of the substrate and in these instances, large particle sizes would not be conducive to this habit. As you can see, it is important to research the specific needs of your fish when considering the appropriate particle size.

Price: $11.49

  • SAFE & HIGH QUALITY: This aquarium, terrarium and fish tank substrate is safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly. This product is made of only the best quality materials available to the manufacturer. This product comes with a lifetime warranty guaranteed by the manufacturer that guarantees quality upon receipt.
  • CHOOSING YOUR SUBSTRATE: Some species of fish require certain water parameters. If you have unique fish that has special needs you should research those needs before making your purchase to see if this product will work for your pet fish.
  • CHOOSING A COLOR: The color of the substrate you choose, although a personal choice, can drastically impact how your tank and fish appear. Research how dark, light and bright colors will impact the look of your pet fish, tank or terrarium before you make your purchase to make sure this is the color you want.
  • HOW MUCH DO YOU NEED: When you’re adding your substrate (e.g. gravel, rock, marble, etc), you want to get a layer 2 inches deep for tanks under 55 gallons, and 4 inches deep for larger tanks. A good guideline is to use 1.5 to 2 pounds per gallon of aquarium water for smaller tanks, and twice that for tanks over 55 gallons. Taller tanks need less substrate, and wider tanks might need more. This guideline is typically applied to most substrates, including gravel, rock, marbles, etc.
  • WASHING SUBSTRATES: Please thoroughly prewash any and ALL substrates in clean fresh water BEFORE use.

Elive CleaRo 100 Gallon per Day Aquarium Fish Tank Water Filter; Water Softener; 3 Stage Reverse Osmosis System, Cartridges Included

Product Description
Three stage reverse osmosis filtration system removes impurities from tap water with easy to remove, replaceable cartridges. Reverse osmosis filtration purifies tap water, removing unwanted minerals and other contaminants before the water is introduced into your aquarium. Using a clear reverse osmosis system gives your water a pure starting point, for a healthy successful aquarium.

Price: $81.95

  • Healthy Fish: ClearRo helps to keep the aquarium water quality top notch when your tap water isn’t.
  • Easy Installation: The filter comes mostly assembled and all necessary clips and tubing is included
  • Less Aquarium Maintenance: The CleaRo improves the water quality so much, it greatly reduces nuisance algae growth.
  • Up to 4 Stage Filtering: The Filter comes with 3 Stages and can even be upgraded to 4 if needed with the Mixed Bed Resin Cartridge.
  • Compact & Easy Installation: Can easily be installed and used in small areas or under cabinets.

API CO2 BOOSTER Aquarium Plant Liquid Carbon 16-ounce

Product Description
API CO2 BOOSTER promotes vibrant, healthy aquarium plants with easy-to-use liquid carbon, which is a necessary element used by aquarium plants for photosynthesis. API CO2 BOOSTER supplies a concentrated source of carbon in two forms: CO2, as well as simple, organic carbon compounds. May be used alone or with a CO2 system. CO2 BOOSTER is safe for use with freshwater fish and will not alter pH levels in aquariums. Use with API LEAF ZONE and API ROOT TABS plant fertilizer for complete plant care. Contains one bottle of CO2 BOOSTER (16 fl oz), treats up to 4,700 U.S. gallons

Price: $9.47

  • Promotes aquarium plant growth.
  • Adds essential carbon in a form plants can absorb from the water.
  • May be used alone or with a CO2 system.
  • Add 1ml per 10 U.S. gallons of aquarium water daily.
  • Safe for use with freshwater fish and will not alter pH levels.

WORK Buddha yantra T-Shirt Black / WK101.2 size XL

Product Description
Color : Black.
This shirt is Thailand size which is smaller than US standard size. Please ensure your size before purchase.
Size XL, Armpit to Armpit 21.5 Inch, Collar to Bottom 30 Inch.
Made in Thailand.

Price: $15.90

  • This shirt is Thailand size which is smaller than US standard size. Please ensure your size before purchase.
  • Size XL, Armpit to Armpit 21.5 Inch, Collar to Bottom 30 Inch.

Aquaforest Reef Salt, 25 kg

Product Description
Designed for aquariums with more demanding SPS and LPS corals. It does not contain bromides and can be used with filtration assisted by ozone. Also, it does not contains any probiotic bacteria or growth media. Phosphate and nitrate free. Upon filling new marine tanks it is recommended to let animals in not earlier that after 10-14 days.380g of the salt is sufficient to salt 10l of water up to 1,024 S.G.

Price: $69.99

  • Designed for aquariums with more demanding SPS and LPS corals
  • It does not contain any probiotic bacteria or growth media
  • Makes roughly 200 Gallons of Saltwater at 1,024 S.G
  • Phosphate and nitrate free

Ocean Exploration Discovery Kit for Sensory Play (No Box)

Product Description
*this listing is for the kit contents only – it has all items from our Discovery Box, but it does not include a box* We highly recommend storing any water beads in a container or box with a close securing lid to keep them lasting long without having to add more water. For water bead play, always wash hands before play to extend their fun life time. Our fun sensory Ocean Exploration Discovery Sensory Kit will introduce kids to a magical world of realistic-looking sea creatures, sparkling gems and crystals, and colorful shells and ocean plants. Kids will enjoy hours of imaginative play; scooping, collecting, and sorting the hidden treasures within a box or container of your choosing. Figures and accents may vary per kit. Recommended for ages 3+ due to small pieces. Kit includes: 9 ocean creatures, 6 shells, 8 multi-colored ice rocks, 1 large crystal, 3 aquarium plants, 2 lbs. aqua water beads + 1 refill, bubble scoop, magnifying glass.

Price: $24.99

  • Fun sensory play figures, pieces, tools, and materials.
  • Explore different textures and discover miniature realistic-looking creatures.
  • Find, hide and bury the included treasures, rocks, gems, and creatures.
  • Interact with the included magnifying glass and bubble scoop tool. Recommended for kids ages 3+.
  • IMPORTANT: Intended to be enjoyed inside a storage box or bin with closable lid. Box not provided.

All Glass Aquarium AAG20009 Inc Economy Hood, 20-Inch

Product Description
These incandescent Hoods can be used on most brands of aquariums. They fit on the lip of the aquarium frame for a nice, finished look. The Economy 16 and 20 Hoods feature a one piece design with Lexan Blub splash shields for longer Blub life. 16 and 20 Deluxe Incandescent Full Hoods feature Full length Door and convenient rear cut-out sections for popular accessories.

Price: $19.99

  • This product is easy to use
  • This product adds a great Value
  • This product is Manufactured in United States
  • These incandescent Hoods can be used on most brands of aquariums
  • They fit on the lip of the aquarium frame for a nice, finished look
  • The Economy 16 and 20 Hoods feature a one piece design with Lexan Blub splash shields for longer Blub life

API FilStar XP-XL Canister Filter

Product Description
Powerful, easy to use aquarium filter has an anti-airlock system for continuous, silent operation; media baskets hold mechanical, chemical and/or biological filtration; self-locking water shutoff system; self-priming easy startup. For aquariums up to 265 gal.

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API history


  • Uses BIO-CHEM ZORBĀ® an exclusive research grade resin-carbon blend.
  • BIO-CHEM ZORBĀ® removes compounds that carbon alone cannot remove.
  • Primes in seconds with only a cupful of water.
  • Does not require hand-pumping or manual siphoning to start.
  • Patented anti-airlock system eliminates the need to re-prime.
  • Centralized control of all functions to remove canister without losing prime.
  • Self-locking water shutoff system prevents accidental flow during maintenance.
  • Holds any combination of filtration media: mechanical, chemical and biological.
  • Maximum capacity baskets. Each basket holds up to 4 different media pouches.
  • Inner dividers allow maximum flexibility.


The superior design of the API FILSTAR XP makes it one of the most reliable canister filters. Its solid construction ensures a trouble free and quiet operation. Strong flow rates and superior filtration media provide optimal filtration results with very easy maintenance.

Filtration Media

API FILSTAR XP comes with efficient media* for powerful 3-stage filtration:

  • Step 1: Filtration pads of 20 ppi and 30 ppi remove debris (mechanical filtration)
  • Step 2: API BIO-CHEM STARS quickly establish the biological filter. They provide 4 times more surface area than ceramic rings for massive bacterial colonization (biological filtration)
  • Step 3: API BIO-CHEM ZORB makes water clean and clear. It removes colors and odors as well as compounds that carbon alone cannot remove

* The exact contents of the box can vary depending on the filter model.


Filter Size Aquarium Size Flow-Rate
(Gallons per hour)
xP-S Up to 45 U.S. GAL 250 U.S. GPH
xP-M Up to 75 U.S. GAL 300 U.S. GPH
xP-L Up to 175 U.S. GAL 350 U.S. GPH
xP-XL Up to 265 U.S. GAL 450 U.S. GPH


All API FILSTAR XP are guaranteed for 2 years.

Other Items To Consider


  • Makes water clean and clear.
  • Removes colors and odors.
  • Removes compounds that carbon alone cannot remove


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Price: $178.99

  • Powerful, easy to use filter
  • Silent operation
  • Self-priming

New 10 Pcs New Colorful Glow in The Dark Stones pebbles Rock For FISH TANK AQUARIUM no.14

Product Description
Description Glow in the dark stones(artificial) 10 Pcs Random Color stones Quantity : 10 pcs Size about Length:2-3CM width(1.5-2CM) Weight : about 2-3g (1pc) Color:Random Color Usage:This are high quality glow in the dark pebbles with up to 8-10 hours glow time after being exposed 15-20 minutes to sunlight, a light bulb or lamp line a walkway, edge a flower bed or fill a planter light up your fish tank at night swimming pools AQUARIUM, Fish tank Walkways Decor Driveways Flowers garden or backyard decorations, etc

Price: $5.20

  • Quantity : 10 pcs
  • Size about Length:2-3CM width(1.5-2CM)
  • Color:Random Color
  • Weight : about 2-3g (1pc)
  • Delivery time: By Airmail: Generally, delivery to USA takes about 10-35 days. Delivery to Canada,AU, UK, and other European countries takes about 14-28 days.