Purple crystal Amethyst Pebble Gravel for Fish Turtle Tank Landscape bottom decoration TR318 Brand Colorful opal glass Sand stone rocks glass ornament for Fantastic Garden or Yard (Amethyst)

Product Description
Raw Natural Crystal Stones mark a path or highlight a flower bed. 250g set Line a walkway, edge a flower bed or fill a planter with these unique Colorful stones.
Not toy, keep away from children for chocking hazard!
250g .
Size: about 7-9mm/Pcs.
It is a good gravel ornament for your garden ,yard or aquarium fish tank

Price: $12.99

  • Material:RAW NATURAL STONES, Size and Pkg include:7-9mm.250g
  • These beautiful, high-quality AMETHYST polished crystals have a deep purple color and most are opaque.There are traces of white in some and an occasional chevron. They are wonderful as pocket stones, in a collection, or as little gifts of thoughtfulness.
  • Line a walkway, edge a flower bed or fill a planter Bottom of the tank, flowerpot coverings, home decoration, dried flower cuttings with these unique glass pebbles
  • Properties of Amethyst. An extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. Sleep with it and it facilitates out of body experiences and intuitive dreams. Amethyst aids in headaches, insomnia, alcohol recovery,blood, pain, stress ,tension, bruising, injuries, skin, respiratory, intestinal. It cleanses the aura. It balances and connects physical, mental and emotional bodies to the spiritual.
  • Rinse with water 3-4 times before,do not rubbing force.Not toy, keep away from children for chocking hazard

ZUINIUBI 300g White Pebble Turtle Fish Tank Sand Rocks Aquarium Bonsai Succulent Plants Decoration Ornament Stone Landscape

Product Description
Product Name:Fish Tank stone
> Natural stones, not fade not rub off

Price: $14.89

  • Very pretty after into the water.
  • Natural stones, not fade not rub off
  • Flat out on the surface of the pot for decoration, clean and beautiful health, also can prevent the water mud flowed
  • In a hydroponic vase for decoration
  • On the bottom of the tank, a decoration for fish tank. Please wash it after receiving the stones

Bestgle Gorgeous Fish Tank Decoration Aquarium Ornament Marbles Tumbled Matte Beach Sea Glass Beads for Aquarium, 1 Pound Heavy Enough Decorative Gravel Rocks Sand Stones Pebbles Gems

Product Description
Gorgeous aquarium stones are here, here are some charming tank glass beads you had never seen. Haha!
Add to cart, get the magice beads soon. What you will get are much more beautiful than you can see.

This beautiful stones can also be used as table scatter for your wedding or reception tables. Placed in vases as filler, they create a dazzling effect.
They are perfect for weddings, birthday parties, food and floral arrangements, dorm room parties, raves, bars, holidays, night concerts, and cocktail parties.
It is a wonderful idea to adding a colorful base to your planters, vases, bowls and other decorative home items.

Package includes:
1 Pound(Actually above 480g) 70-74 Pcs Sea Blue Glass Stones

You’d better wash them first before puting them into your tank.
Uasually the aquarium sand need 3 cm thick and you know it is not good looking if the aquarium sand is thinner.

(Aquarium length* aquarium width) / 250 = the beads weight your aquarium needs.

10cm*10cm / 250 = 0.44 LB
20cm*20cm / 250 = 1.76 LB
40cm*50cm / 250 = 8.8 LB

Please keep the beads away from your kids to avoid swallowing.

Price: $12.59

  • Made of high temperature fired glass material, high density, more durable and never fade. Also heavy enough to sink to your aquarium bottom.
  • Tumbled matte surface & Round edges, will not hurt your hands and fish. Not glowing, avoid scaring your fish
  • 2.5CM-3CM long each bead, total above 480g and the package includes above 70 Pcs. So bigger aquarium need 2 packs or more to make your fish tank incredible charming.
  • Ideal for aquarium, vase fillers, home and party decoration. It is a wonderful idea to adding a colorful base to your planters, vases, bowls and other decorative home items.
  • You will feel a little disappointed when you get them first due to the tumbled matte surface. Come on, just put them into water. Gusse what? amazing & gorgeous stones appear, charming & beautiful. Like some pulpy candy that you want to taste one.