Doradus RS-360 Mini DC 4-12V Water Pumping Motor Reversible Gear Aquarium Pump

Product Description
Description : RS-360 Mini DC 4-12V Water Pumping Motor Reversible Gear Aquarium Pump RS-360 micro-motors small pump, 12V DC car glass homemade model. Self-priming pumps, experiment with a small pump. Can also be converted into other uses a small pump. Specification : Model : RS-360 micro-motors small pump Operating voltage : 4V-12V Current : 0.8A Motor diameter : 27 mm Pump Length : 52 mm Out of the water hole diameter : 4 mm Weight : 70g Note : No load test time is too long, the other inside the plastic blades, not inhaled impurities. This product is suitable for the working medium is water, other corrosive liquids with caution. Package includes : 1 x RS-360 Mini DC 4-12V Micro Pump Details pictures :

Price: $7.76

  • RS-360 Mini DC
  • 4-12V Water Pumping
  • Electronics
  • Please Allow 7-23 Business Days For Delivery
  • Package Contains One Item

Pawfly 6 PCS Aquarium One Way Non-return Check Valves Air Pump Accessories for Fish Tank Black

Product Description
Place your airline tubing between your air pump and aquarium to prevent water returning down the airline.

How to Clean
Unscrew and open up check valve, pinch the rubber boot inside valve to make sure small slit is open. Otherwise no air to tank.

Made of durable clear plastic. Package Weight: 1 oz / 25 g.

Price: $5.57

  • Great one way check valve for aquarium and fish tank.
  • Protect you air pump by preventing aquarium water from back siphoning during a power outage.
  • Detachable design makes it easier for you to clean and repair. Unscrew to open it.
  • Air Hole Diameter: 0.16″ / 4 mm, Overall Size: 1.7″ x 0.6″ / 4.3 x 1.5 cm (L* D), Net Weight: 4 g.
  • Package Content: 6 Pcs Air Check Valve, 100% Money Back Guarantee if they don’t work.

Homecube 12V DC Peristaltic Liquid Pump Miniature Dosing Pump Hose Pump for Aquarium Lab Analytical Water

Product Description

Volts/Current:DC 12V
Working condition:0-40℃
Relative humidity <80%
Flow rate:0-100 ml/min
Rotate speed:0.1-100 rp
Driver size :Diameter 27.6 x height 37.9 (mm)
Head size : Diameter 31.7 x height 20.1 (mm)
Equipped with pump tube (ID x OD) : 2.5mm inner diameter x 4.7mm.

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Price: $17.99

  • DESCRIPTION: Volts/Current:DC 12V. Working environment : temperature 0-40 “ƒ, relative humidity 80%.
  • GOOD TO KNOW: Using card button design, just one click you can, and gently remove the pump head, very convenient replace pump pipe and cleaning work, exquisite design of both the pressure plate is convenient, and avoid the pressure vane pump head hose walking around.
  • SIZE: Driver size :Diameter 27.6 x height 37.9 (mm) Head size : Diameter 31.7 x height 20.1 (mm) Equipped with pump tube (ID x OD) : 2.5mm inner diameter x 4.7mm.
  • SUITABLE FOR: Medical、 Chemical、Experiment、 Food、 Plants、Environmental protection、Family and many other fields.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x 12V DC Dosing Peristaltic Pump .

Aquatop Aquarium Submersible Pump

Product Description
The Aquatop NP-80 fully submersible pump is perfect for nano to medium sized aquariums, small ponds, water gardens, and desktop water fountains. Capable of moving up 80-gallons per hour, the NP-80 includes an adjustable flow rate and is an excellent choice for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The small, yet powerful NP-80 offers energy savings and versatile placement, while the compact design and low-noise output make the entire NP Series the one-stop pump for all your aquatic needs.

Price: Too low to display

  • Flow Rate: 80 GPH
  • Max head: 22-inch
  • Adjustable Flow rate: Yes; Knob Adjustment
  • Power: 2.7 watts
  • Dimensions: 1 ¾-inch by 1 ¾-inch by 1 1/4-inch 3/8-inch

Maxi-Jet 1200 Multi-Use Water Pump

Product Description
The Maxi Jet Pro is a multi use water pump for a number of aquarium needs. These pumps can be used both externally and internally. The Maxi Jet Pro now includes hardware that allows the pump to become a functionalable power head, circulation, or utility pump. The Maxi Jet Pro will include a new omni-directional mount along with a seperate designed water flow impeller and cage when converting between different water pumping applications.The new sleek Pro packaging also allows merchandising either vertically or horizontally to promote the different functions associated with the product.

Price: $25.42

  • Fully customizable to meet a variety of aquatic needs.
  • 3 pumps in one – power head, circulation pump and utility pump.
  • Internal and external applications.

Hydor Koralia Evolution 1400/1500 Aquarium Circulation Pump, 1400-1500 GPH

Product Description
Circulation pump for freshwater and marine aquariums. Designed for use with timers and wavemaker systems. Includes magnet-suction cup mounting system for free positioning in aqaurium.

Price: $39.99

  • New and improved mount featuring vibration absorbing technology and magnetic suction cup with free positioning capabilities
  • Safe for use with wave-timers
  • Higher flow rates and lower energy consumption when compared to previous Koralia models.
  • Compact design

Ultra Silent High Out Energy Efficient Aquarium Air Pump Fish Tank Oxygen AirPump With 2 Air stone/2M Silicone Tube

Product Description

1.Multi-level muffler, low noise
2.Oil-free compressed air pure
3.High-performance, large volume, this section is ideal for small and medium-sized fish tank plus oxygen
4.Low-power, economic power-saving, Continuous operation and long service life
5.With regulating valves, can effectively regulate the air displacement
6.Double-headed pump, there are two vents , can provide oxygen to two fish tanks at the same time

In order to avoid water flowing backwards, the air pump should be putted above the water more than 20CM or install the check-valve on the outlet pipe.


Power rating: 5W
Voltage rating:110volts
Max pressure: 0.015MPA
Max displacement:3.5L/Min
The length of the tube:200cm


The air pump can not be used in water or outdoor
You should remember firstly taking out the power supply when it is dropped into water because of careless
You should remember firstly taking out the power supply when find it has the phenomenon of leakage of electricity, and you can use it after check out the reasons and repair it
You can not use the air pump under the temperature of zero

what’s include:

1* 3W aquarium air pump
2* Free air stone
1* 200cm silicone tube

Price: $11.99

  • This Owncons two hoses Air Pump Hydroponics + 2 Air stone + 2M Silicone Tube, with multifunction, such as, Multi-level muffler, low noise, Oil-free compressed air pure, With regulating valves, can effectively regulate the air displacement.
  • This 5W Pump is with High-performance, large volume, which is ideal for small and medium-sized fish tank plus oxygen. It is perfectly suitable for using at all kinds of high-grade aquarium, aquaculture oxygenation, spout decoration, etc.
  • ump with Low power consumption, high-efficiency, long operating life, stable performance
  • Pump with Double-headed pump, there are two vents , which can provide oxygen to two fish tanks at the same time
  • The aquarium Air Pump with Light, Fashionable and practicable functions.

PonicsPump PP12005: 120 GPH Submersible Pump with 5′ Cord – 6W… for Fountains, Statuary, Aquariums & more. Comes with 1 year limited warranty.

Product Description

We designed this 120 Gallon Per Hour (GPH) pump to have a long service life by:
• Using aluminum oxide ceramic shaft and bearings which have 3 times the hardness of stainless steel,
• Using a powerful permanent magnet wet rotor design that eliminates the need for a seal, which is a common cause of failure, and by
• Using a heavy duty waterproof electric cord design to resist oil, grease and moisture while providing abrasion resistance.

Comes with a one year limited warranty.

Please see our guides and specifications in the photo section above.

Please see our disassembly / re-assembly guide in the photo section above.

To protect against dangerous electrical shock, always use any submersible pump on an electrical circuit that has Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) at either the plug or the breaker.

One year limited warranty only when product is purchased from FasterHarvest®.

Price: $14.99

  • COMPLETE SELECTION: We have 8 sizes & 19 models. This model has an attached high quality 5 foot waterproof cord. A similar model with a 16 foot cord is available. Comes with adjustable input flow-rate screen and 2 outlet adapters for 1/4″ & 1/2″ inside diameter tubing.
  • DURABLE QUALITY: Our Polished Stainless Steel #205 Impeller Shaft insures long pump life. Epoxy Resin Encasement of key internal motor components prevents unwanted conductivity and corrosion of metal parts. This pump incorporates a magnetic wet-rotor design, so there is no seal to fail that would damage the pump motor.
  • EFFICIENT: Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) Magnets are used in all our electric motors because they are the most powerful permanent magnetic materials commercially available and increase energy efficiency. Water-Lubricated Nitrile Bushings are used because they possess a very low coefficient of friction, have inherent vibration-dampening qualities and are non-polluting.
  • SAFE & EASY: Safe for fish with no exposed copper and oil free. Easy to clean with no tools required to disassemble and clean filter/impeller. Our SJTW Electric Cord is waterproof, 18# gauge copper wire, molded plug with ground, heavy duty flexible vinyl jacket, resists oil/grease/moisture, abrasion resistant and very good flexibility at all temperatures.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Fresh water only with flow Rates of 120 Gallons Per Hour (GPH) @ 0′ Lift; 95 GPH @ 1′ Lift; 66 GPH @ 2′ Lift; 20 GPH @ 3′ Lift; Max Lift – 3′ 1″. Dimensions are 2.56″ x 1.65″ x 1.95″. 120VAC, 6 WATTS. NOT FOR USE WITH SOLAR POWER. 1 year limited warranty when sold by FasterHarvest (previously PonicsFarms).

Jebao DC-12000 DC Return Pump for Aquarium

Product Description
These New DC pumps offer an energy saving alternative in the submersible pump line-up! DC Powered: Running on 24VDC, these pumps use over 50% less than other submersible pumps, which also means less heat transfer! Controllable: Features a 6 speed controller with 10 minute feed mode. Slow Start Mode: These pumps also feature a slow start-up mode, when power is applied to the pump, the flow will slowly ramp up to full speed in about a minute. No more splashing in the tank from an full on blast of water. High performance motor with innovative electronics and energy savings up to 50% IC electronic detection, automatic power-off protection upon no water Motor protection if impeller is blocked Super quiet operation Can be used in freshwater or saltwater No copper components Wear resistant ceramic shaft for longer operating life. Model DC-12000 Max Flow 3170 GPH (12000 LPH) Max Head 15.7 ft. Input AC110/60hz Output DC24V Watts 84w Input 1.5″ NPT 3/4″, 1″, 1.25″, 1.5″ union barbed fitting included Output 1.5″ NPT Dimensions 7.5″ L x 3.5″ W x 5″ H.

Price: $90.15

  • High performance motor with innovation electronics and energy saving up to 50%
  • Automatic power-off protein upon no water
  • Super Quiet Operation
  • Can operate in Marine and Freshwater
  • Soft start operation – pump gradually builds up to set flow rate

Super SUNSUN JVP-022 Aqua Power Head Pump, 158 GPH

Product Description
Sunsun Super power heads runs efficiently and quietly while providing Superior water movement in aquariums to prevent stagnant water conditions. The optional venturi air intake feature with air regulator allows for increased water aeration. Easily fitted and ideal for powering under gravel filtration systems. Great for use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

Price: $8.99

  • Voltage – 120 v/60 hz
  • 158 gallons per hour flow rate (600 l)
  • 8 watt pumping power
  • Fully submersible
  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater use